What types of retailers you would use to distribute product

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1. How do our character traits (Integrity, Dependability, Leadership, Communication, Servant, Steward, and Agility) align with business law? Provide a minimum of 1 personal example of your experience with business law.

2. Suppose you manufacture electronic support devices, specifically cell phone cases. Discuss what types of retailers you would use to distribute your product, and explain why you selected those. Include traditional and non-traditional options.

3. How does credit, operational and market risk techniques minimize risk of loss? reference please.

Reference no: EM132234892

About the elasticity of the demand curve of gasoline

If the government were to increase taxes on gasoline, what will happen to the total government revenue? Why? What are you assuming about the elasticity of the demand curve of

Ethical and legal considerations in heath care

write a short evaluative summary of four ethical or legal issues related to health information technology (two examples include HIPAA and social networking). List the stakehol

Diamond framework for national competitiveness

Using Porter's diamond framework for national competitiveness, discuss the success of the software industry in India. How do the four factors in Porter's diamond explain the s

Environmental factors affecting international projects

Identify and briefly descibe the six environmental factors affecting international projects. Which factor may have the biggest impact on American project managres operating in

Organization will engage in recruiting

Identify and describe what factors influence the degree to which an organization will engage in recruiting. What are some examples of what a company does to reach the rele

Community high blood pressure control program for community

If you were head of a community health-focused organization in your city and were given the opportunity to develop, organization, and lead a community high blood pressure cont

Operate in order for the system to perform as intended

A system is composed of two parts which must both operate in order for the system to perform as intended. The parts have reliabilities of .6 and .5. There is an identical back

Sample statistics for hourly wages for men and women

The Canadian government would like to test the hypothesis that the average hourly wage for men is more than $2.00 higher than the average hourly wage for women. The following


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