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You are invited to go sailing while on vacation at the ocean. When you first step on the boat, the smell of sea water is strong and you feel the motion of the water beneath your feet. After a few minutes, the smell fades and you no longer notice it, but the rolling motion of the boat remains and within an hour you begin to feel sick to your stomach. What types of receptors are involved in smell and detection of motion? Why did the sensation of the smell fade but not the rolling sensation? Why do you feel sick to your stomach while on the sailboat?

Reference no: EM13936543

Why did mendel selected garden pea for his experiments

Why did Mendel selected garden pea for his experiments ? Explain the characteristics of pea ...Enlist seven traits in pea selected by MENDEL. Give graphical representation of

What endocrine organ is involved

Alison is a 32 year old female with the following symptoms: droopy eyelids, swollen face and periorbital areas, thin, dry hair,: dry skin; intellectual impairment; change of

One abiotic and one biotic factor

Select an ecosystem and choose one abiotic and one biotic factor within it. How do these factors interact and how does this affect the ecosystem? Support your response with

Electron transport chaineven if the pH gradient is abolished

In a mitochondrion, the TCA cycle cannot continue on indefinitelywithout oxgen because the electron transport chain will beincapable of oxidizing NADH and FADH2. Electron tr

Explain the reactions catalyzed by enzymes

Explain the reactions catalyzed by enzymes in the first two steps of fructose metabolism in the liver, including each of the following: the substrates acted on and the enzyme

Molecular biology related question

The following recombination frequencies were found for four (A, B, C, and D) on the same chromosome; between genes A and B - 45 percent, between genes C and D- 10 percent,

Determine cotransduction frequency of thi and pro

The generalized-transduction phage P1 is increased in a pur- pro+ thi+ donor strain. A recipient strain that is pur+ pro- thi- is infected and the donor allele thi+ is selecte

Ethical issues in real world research situation

What types of ethical issues arise when an organization conducts research? Can you provide two examples of an ethical issues in a real world research situation?


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