What types of products does the company make

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First go to: National Machinery Tiffin Ohio website and read about them.

Then, wirte a two pages essay about them. Using a APA style.you need to focus on these qusetions in your essay.

1- A brief history of the company

2- What types of products does the company make?

3- Who are the primary customers?

4- Any specialized certifications the company has (ISO, etc)

5- How does the company ensure quality?

6- A summary of your observations during the tour Machines, workers, materials, building, etc

7- What are your overall impressions of the company and the tour?

for the qusetions 6 and 7. write about them as you were in there. Watch there video and take a look at there website, so you would have full picture about the company.

Reference no: EM131379841

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