What types of negotiations the experts typically engage in

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Project Conduct a set of interviews (two) with experts in a negotiation context specific to what you would like to do in the future. Major "supply Chain Management"

This project will be completed individually. The result will be an eight to 10-page paper (double spaced, 12-point type) reporting on information such as:

1) What types of negotiations the experts typically engage in,
2) Who do they negotiate with,
3) What are the challenges faced in the negotiations,
4) What leads to negotiation success in their field.

You will also have to ask the interviewee two additional questions that you come up on your own. The objective of the paper is to increase your understanding of negotiations within your future profession.

· Information from The Mind and Heart of the Negotiator (6th edition) by Leigh L. Thompson

Reference no: EM131296205

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