What types of law will veronica''s lawsuit involve

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Without trying to decide who will win if Veronica sues Fun Products, Inc. and the Milton Hotel chain, analyze the following: Who are the parties to this lawsuit, and what are they called (trial level and appeal level)? What types of law will Veronica's lawsuit involve? What type of remedies is she seeking, and are these remedies (or some of them) appropriate to this type of case? What legal sources will the court consider in deciding if Fun Products, Inc. and the Milton Hotel chain (or either of them) are liable for Veronica's injuries? What types of liability does Larry face as a result of this scenario? What burden of proof will apply? What issues in this dispute would a jury decide (if the case went to trial), and what issues would a judge decide? What if the person(s) with liability here doesn't have the money to pay Veronica's damages?

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Product damages act, minimal age of drink and drive laws are violated in this case. The case comprises of violation in hotel and breaking rules of property damages and licencing act in USA

Reference no: EM1385794

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