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Fraud Investigation Project:

1. Research and identify at least two companies that have experienced fraudulent activity.

2. Identify at least three credible sources that you will use to gather your information.

3. In each of these companies identify the following and prepare in report format.

Please remember to cite your sources using APA format.

-Issue - What types of fraudulent activity occurred?

- Facts - Where did this activity take place?

What was the scenario?

Who was involved?

- Weaknesses - What were the weaknesses within the company's internal control structure that allowed for the fraud to occur?

- Outcome - What was the court decision in this case?

- Prevention/Detection - How would you have prevented and/or detected this fraud?

- Financial Impact - What was the total dollar value of loss due to the fraudulent activity?

4. Prepare a 2-3 page report that contains the abovementioned information.

This report should be properly formatted and included in-text citations and a reference page that follows APA format.

5. Prepare a PowerPoint presentation that contains a minimum of 10 slides to share with your classmates that contains the abovementioned information.

The presentation should also follow APA guidelines for in-text citation and reference page.

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Reference no: EM13701656

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