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Using your favorite browser, open the search engine of your choice. For example: http://www.google.com

Search the Web to find places to download password cracking tools

What type of Web sites offer these tools?

What environment are these tools designed for?

Summarize your experience.


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Table of Contents

Password Cracking Tools 1
Types of Websites for downloading Password Cracking Tools 1
Environment for Designing Password Cracking Tools 2

Password Cracking Tools

Password cracking is actually the process to guessing password from stored locations and from data transmission system. Using these tools password is accessed by unauthorized person without getting permission of authorized person. This process is also known as hacking. These password cracking tools can be downloaded from internet. There is also a positive purpose to use these password cracking tools, if someone forgot password of its system or mobile then these tools can provide help.

Here we have searched for website that provides password cracking tools. On this website, most popularly used password tools are located such as Brutus, Rainbow crack and Wfuzz. Some description and links for downloading these cracking tools. When user clicks in download button then it will redirects to user at other webpage that consists of zip folders of password cracking tools and user can download anyone of them.

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