What type of policies the insurance companies will develop

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Although Electric Autos - Tesla- are expensive (relatively) they require minimal electric power to operate; whereas gas run autos though relatively less expensive require gasoline to operate. Since the gas prices have increased more than 100%; consumers are finding it difficult to cope with the increased prices.

Can Tesla take over the auto industry if the prices come down? What could be the legal issues? What type of risks are involved ?

What type of policies the insurance companies will develop? Post your opinion.

Reference no: EM131421505

What are some realistic benefit options and associated cost

How have you seen or experienced medical benefits change over the last several years? What is realistic in terms of providing coverage for employees? What are some realistic b

Decision analysis can be used to develop optimal strategy

"Decision Analysis can be used to develop an optimal strategy when a decision maker is faced with several decision alternatives and an uncertain or risk-filled pattern of futu

Performing a security risk assessment

lay Around Toys Inc. is performing a security risk assessment. Click here to download a spreadsheet with Exposures, Probability of Occurrence, and Average Loss. Tasks: Calcula

Recommendation for brandon production

Brandon Production is a small firm focused on the assembly and sale of custom computers. The firm is facing stiff competition from low-priced alternatives, and is looking at v

How many units will he need to sell to breakeven

Jay White sells handmade decorations. He had to purchase specialized equipment for $4000 and buy a retail license for $1000. It cost Jay $125 in time and materials to make eac

What is the difference between efficiency and effectivness

Describe the four steps in the lead generation and management process? What are the basic criteria that are used to qualify a sales lead? Putting people first has worked for I

Discuss the roots of competitive advantage

1. In the Prahalad and Mamel reading, ‘THE CORE COMPETENCE OF THE CORPORATION", (PG. 66) they discuss the roots of competitive advantage. In it, they say that "a company's c

Prepare outline of benefits that dh might expect to obtion

Prepare an outline of the benefits that DH might expect to obtain from this CRM project. Use categories to organize your list of benefits; for example, you might identify bene


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