What two factors in single piece flow produce

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1. What does creating flow in a process usually do for its lead time?

2. What two factors in single piece flow (continuous flow) produce the highest efficiency in a process?

3. When Taichi Ohno reduced inventory to a certain level in a process he was studying, what did he find happen?

Reference no: EM132280159

Confused with control in behavioral or manipulative sense

Traditionally theorist suggest that the managerial function of controlling should not be confused with control in the behavioral or manipulative sense. This function does not

Whenever interest rates are low there is danger of inflation

Whenever interest rates are low there is a danger of inflation. I think such a danger exists now because the Federal Reserve has reduced interest rates substantially. Newton w

Find the number of units that should be ordered at time

A large pharmacy has an annual need for 480 units of a certain antibiotic. It costs $3 to store one unit for a year. The fixed cost of placing an order amounts to $31. Find th

Freakishly tall and pleasantly plump

Betty,a customer who is both freakishly tall and pleasantly plump, reported thatjewelry was stolen from her purse while she was in the dressing room. Theonly person in the s

Many changes have taken place regarding our education

Many changes have taken place regarding our education and experience requirements which do not guarantee a career path for today's employees. How can Servant Leadership foster

What should you do about any potential conflicts

The goal of most corporations is to maximize the value of stock. How does this goal interact with other goals like avoiding unethical or illegal behavior and what should you d

Write an internal corporate memorandum

Marriott Hotel write an internal corporate memorandum (business memo) to the General Managers of the individual hotels in the company (or Hotel Managers You should inform them

Solve and a build a decision tree

Solve and a build a decision tree: Copy Makers Inc. (CMI) has just received a credit request from a new customer who wants to purchase a copying machine. As input to its decis


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