What training people will need to fulfil those roles

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Part 1

Think of all the ways that machines have replaced humans in the workplace. While some people believe it is reasonable to delegate human tasks to machines in order to free up time and energy, others fear that humans will have no jobs in the near future. While it may be impossible to stop this trend, in this Discussion you will consider roles that should be done by humans and what training people will need to fulfil those roles

Part 2

Have you ever visited a hospital and had to wait for what seemed like an excessive amount of time? This scenario plays out quite often. In a hypothetical case, some hospital managers are concerned that patients with medical emergencies wait too long in the casualty department before they are diagnosed and treated. In this Discussion, you will select between two different proposals for addressing the problem.

To Prepare for this Discussion:

Consider the following scenario: During a meeting of hospital managers concerned about long wait time, two groups of proposals emerge:

• The first group of managers is focused on collecting quantitative data. They recommend observing and recording emergency patient numbers, waiting and treatment times, staffing levels, bed numbers and the availability of other sources.

• The second group of managers want to talk to doctors, nurses and ambulance crews to find out how they feel about working at the hospital and to ask those people for their opinions about where the problems lie.

To complete this Discussion:

Post: Identify which of the two groups described in the scenario you would be more likely to join. Explain your reasoning.

Respond: Respond to your colleagues.

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Reference no: EM13669052

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