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You will help Micro Bike research the idea of going global and then write a report that will be addressed to Mark and Jessica Lapin. You will research the mobile scooter industry in the context of the elements below that will be discussed in the report. 1. What trade agreements, if any would apply to doing business in Mumbai, Ho Chi Minh, and Tokyo? 2. Do any of the trade agreements work better for US investors than others? If so, which one, and how is the trade agreement better. If not, why not?

Reference no: EM132280600

Develop a proposal describing the potential it-enabled

Develop a proposal describing the potential IT-enabled competitive opportunities or threats O'Connell might be missing by not embracing IT. Be sure to include a Porter's Fiv

Give the answer of muliple choice question

Roger is new-product project manager for a retail company. Recently the team has exhibited a high degree of conflict over who will control the group and how decisions will b

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Analyze the four elements of the integrated model of motivation to determine which element is the most essential to get right when motivating employees. Explain your rationale

Detailed action plan to implement recommendation

Provide a conclusion or detailed action plan to implement recommendation for a hospital with financial problem due the presence of another hospital in the province using the g

Presentation on the topic of appreciative inquiry

Power point presentation on the topic of Appreciative Inquiry, covering what it is, why it is now a new model, concerns and advantages, and your perspectives on this approac

Do you feel that the labor relations system

Do you feel that the labor relations system, as currently constituted, is good for effectively resolving disputes? What are the system's strengths and weaknesses? How would yo

Determine the value of the arithmetic gradient

You expect your starting salary of $57,000 at the end of next year as a base amount to increase uniformly to a level of $114,000 by the end of 6 years. (a) Determine the value

Implementing osha machine guarding standards

Discuss some of the problems that might be encountered when implementing OSHA's machine guarding standards in the workplace. Do you feel that the standards are adequate to c


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