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Question 1.1.  What tool is used to manage server roles from the graphical user interface of Windows servers? 
Server manager

Question 2.2.  Which one of the following server roles is not available in a Windows Server 2008 server core installation?
The active directory certificate services role is available in Windows Server 2008 R2, but not in Windows Server 2008 when running server core. Chapter 2 
Print services
Active directory certificate services

Question 3.3.  Which one of the following is not required to create a user account in the active directory users and computers tool with default domain policies? 
A password
Home directory path
NetBIOS logon name

Question 4.4.  DHCP can be placed into what category of service? 

Question 5.5.  When resolving hostnames to IP addresses, what is attempted for hostname resolution in the step just before the DNS server is queried? 

Question 6.6.  Define an AD group in your own words. 

Reference no: EM131147994

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