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1. The law firm of Dewey, Cheatham, & Howe is considering the implementation of a new information system. To that end, they have hired your firm to perform the Systems Analysis process. They understand that a successful system must be aligned with the strategic trajectory of the firm. They have asked you to specify how the Requirements Analysis phase will promote this alignment.

2. What three groups of people at the law firm will you consult during the requirements analysis phase? What do you expect to learn from them that will help you define the system?

3. The DCH law firm will also need you to create a database for them. Specifically, they are concerned with organizing data on their clients, the lawyers on staff, and the paralegals that support them. Some things you should know:

- Clients can consult with any of the lawyers in the firm depending on what their specific needs are, and an individual lawyer may well deal with many of the clients (hence their motto: "In the clink? We'll get you out in a blink!").

- The paralegals are assigned to only one lawyer, but many of the lawyers will have a staff of paralegals depending on their workload.

Please provide the following:

A data model representing the system to be developed based on the information given above including all tables, keys, and relationships.
An SQL query that will list the clients who have dealt with our mortgage attorney, Mr. Snidely Whiplash. His Employee # is 666.

4. Discuss one of the threats (or vulnerabilities) that firms must deal with in terms of their IT security. What measures will you take to ensure the safety of the firm's computer system and the data it holds?

Reference no: EM131003159

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