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Writers often face the challenge of too many ideas swirling about their heads when they sit down to draft an essay or other document. The swirling ideas can lead to writer's block or a disorganized draft. This Discussion will help you bring order to an argument for change by using a graphic organizer like those in the KUWC resource "Graphic Organizers for Invention" or writing an outline. Your outline or graphic organizer should include at least four points that will help you to support your essay's thesis statement; be sure to include that thesis statement in the outline or organizer. Once your ideas are organized, you will then draft a body paragraph that can then be revised for your persuasive essay in the next unit.

Begin by reviewing the Unit 8 Assignment, and then respond to all of the following prompts:

• Post an outline or graphic organizer that captures and organizes at least four ideas for your persuasive essay. Be sure to include a thesis statement in your outline or graphic organizer. Also, include at least one misconception or opposition point to your argument.

• Post a draft version of a body paragraph that would be appropriate for your persuasive essay.

Discussion Reply: 1

Common Core Standards are being forced on American children with no idea how it will affect students, teachers or schools. The old standards need to be reinstated to the U.S schools.

Common Core Standards Outline:

I. Common Core Standards
A. Spelling out the standards
B. Adopting Common Core Standards by the states
II. Parent and Teacher Views on Common Core Standards
A. Hating Common Core Standards
B. Supporting Common Core Standards
III. Organizations involved in Common core development
A. Leading the development NGA and CCSSO
VI. Old School Teaching methods
A. Old method versus Common core

In 2008, the American School system changed with no idea what the Common Core Standards would do to our school. Our governors and education commissioners lead the way to developing these standards, for 42 states out of 48 states adopted and are working on implementing the standards (Common Core State Standards Initiative, 2015). Since, Common Core Standards have hit public schools, private schools and home schooled children there has been a shift in the school's curriculum. Parents, teachers, government and education commissioner are in a battle to make sure our U.S. children do well on the standards. It is a battle of Common Core Standards versus Old School Teaching methods. This will all be examined in the course of my paper.

Discussion Reply 2:

Thesis: Times are further changing, therefore more opportunities and advancements should be given to women regardless of their gender.


I. Sex
B. Female

II. Physical Difference
B.Less Muscular

II. Education and Qualifications
A. Degrees
B. Skills

IV. Culture
A. Dominance
B. Inequality

In this day and age women are more educated, they are earning the majority of associates, bachelor's, master's and doctorate degrees than men. For every 100 degrees men earned last year, women got 140.(Wood, 2014. According to an Institute for Women's Policy Research analysis of the November employment report from the U.S.Bureau of Labor Statistic, women have gained all the jobs they lost in the recession, men have only gained 75 percent of the jobs they lost. That should tell you that women are just eager, if not more eager to be a part of the work force and deserve the same consideration.

Many people would disagree that women deserve the same recognition as their male counterpart. For example: When it comes to the mental and physical aspect of it, men don't think women are equal. The military for instance still has some ways to go with allowing females to be apart of certain jobs or units. They are moving in the right direction for those that are concerned with equality but most feel that women are not physically or mentally capable of performing in combat. Many feel women are inferior to men and they should play their role and not be a part of the military altogether.

Reference no: EM13854130

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