What tests could be ordered to confirm the diagnosis

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A 6 month-old male infant is admitted to the hospital with diagnosis of recurrent pneumonia.

His vital signs on admission:

Respiratory rate = 50 /min; heart rate = 170 beats/min; temperature - 102° F.

Substernal retractions are prominent.

Lung auscultation: bilateral wheezes and rhonchi.

Medical history: this is a third admission since birth for pneumonia.

His mother also states that he hasn't gain body weight like her older child had at 6 months of age.

Answer the following Questions:

1. How is this case consistent with cystic fibrosis diagnosis?

2. What tests could be ordered to confirm the diagnosis?

3. What interventions could help to alleviate respiratory distress?

4. What is the rationale behind the poor weight gain?

5. What counseling or family education should be provided to the Family about cystic fibrosis before the child goes home?

6. What genetic counseling should be provided?

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Reference no: EM13665249

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