What surprised you the most about the blue eyes experiment
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Watch the PBS documentary "A Class Divided." In this 1985 documentary from PBS' Frontline Series, students from an earlier documentary called "Eye of the Storm" are revisited to see how participating in the "blue eyes, brown eyes" exercise has impacted their lives.

The documentary shows that it's not just a children that can be easily and quickly affected by this exercise.

Now , answer the following questions:

1. What surprised you the most about the "blue eyes, brown eyes" experiment?

2. Why do you think it's so easy for people in the "in-group" to see themselves as superior to those in the "out-group?"

3. Why do you think it's so easy for people in the "in-group" to remain silent when individuals in the "out-group" are victimized by others within the "in-group?"

4. The original exercise was conducted in 1968, and the documentary was filmed in 1985.

Do you think researchers would find the same patterns of results if this experiment were conducted today? Why?

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