What style of leadership is most effective in organization

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Write a 400 word count dicussion on this topic. Please answer all three questions below thoroughly. Any sources need to be properly cited in APA form....all sources must be scholarly and have a reference page below

What style of leadership is the most effective in leading an organization?

Is it important to be well-liked, or are results all that matter?

Cite examples that support your conclusions.

Reference no: EM13745223

Project managers are integral to managing successful project

Discuss why project managers are integral to managing successful projects. Explain the relevance of the following characteristics: knowledge, performance, and personal

Difference in functional conflict and dysfunctional conflict

Briefly describe each of the following communication flows: downward, upward, and lateral. What does each type of flow accomplish in an organization? What are the six forms of

Social class divisions in society are relatively unstable

Leverage opportunities are those areas of service where the business exceeds customer’s expectations but they are not very important. Social class divisions in society are rel

What kinds of cognitive errors may have contributed

The rapid pace at which the world is changing is forcing strategic managers at all kinds of companies to speed up their decision making; otherwise they get left behind by agil

To claim prima facie case for national origin discrimination

To claim a prima facie case for national origin discrimination, an employee needs to prove that: _______ Once an employee has articulated a prima facie case of discrimination

Implement to ensure its compliance with laws or regulations

Define two (2) government laws or regulations, which your company must comply with. These can be at the federal, state, or local level. Describe a policy/procedure/action your

Diagnose a problematic organizational issue

Identify and diagnose a problematic organizational issue that you are aware of or have observed. Describe the history of this problem, including the roles of any re

Discuss the four modes of knowledge conversion

Discuss the 4 modes of knowledge conversion. What processes provide the basis for gaining a competitive advantage through knowledge? What is the main point of managing a talen


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