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Consider the following scenario. Suppose you are the owner of a small lawn cutting business with one part-time employee. Your goal is to grow as well as hire full-time employees. You price your services fairly by comparing five local competitors and selecting the middle ground. You have enjoyed steady growth in sales until the last few months. Now you are losing a few of your clients to a local competitor who has undercut your pricing, resulting in more net losses in clients. What strategies would you implement for pricing your services?

Reference no: EM1348165

Identify different diversities that may be found groups

Identify different diversities that may be found within groups. Explain the impact of diversity on an organization. Identify the collaboration between a manager and human reso

Social responsibilities of pharmaceutical companies

What social responsibilities do pharmaceutical companies have that differs from other types of companies? Who are the primary stakeholders a pharmaceutical company has and how

Type of information needed for making the decision

Present here the type of information (perhaps including accounting or cost data, no specific amounts are required) that are needed for making the decision.

Technology and impact on communication

form of communication technology within this discussion. Consider recording video messages instead of the traditional text, both for your initial discussion posting as well

Rate of growth of per capita real gdp

a. What was the rate of growth of per capita real GDP before the increase in population growth? b. If the rate of growth of real GDP remains unchanged, what is the new rate

Discuss major components of komen breast cancer foundation

A corporate "code of ethics" includes the standards defined by the corporation to provide behavioral expectations in specific situations. Discuss the major components of the

Establish cross docking facilities for highvolume deliveries

1.Modern Book Distribution, Inc. Case Study Evaluation . Richard Guy, CEO of Modern Book Distribution, Inc. (MBD) scanned the "Executive Summary" of the consulting report

Lagunitas brewing company-new brewery in chicago

What recommendations would you make concerning expansion and the construction of the new brewery? How will Magee ensure consistency of the Lagunitas brand across multiple br


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