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Response to: message/signal to noise ratio

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The concept of message/signal to noise ratio.

The concept basely says that you may have the perfect idea/product/whatever, but if you cannot connect to your community, it will be lost. The primary reason that you cannot connect is that you are being drowned out by all the noise that is constantly bombarding your audience. Just like static can drown out the most beautiful music.

Olson (2014) explains that to be heard through the noise, you need to be remarkable and not only remarkable in general, but you must "Be remarkable to [your] community."

Be strategic: choose the right message and deliver it when people are listening.

What other strategies do you suggest for making sure your message is heard?


Olson, M. (2014). Social Media: Improve Your Signal to Noise Ratio Retrieved from http://signalfire.tumblr.com/post/131908747/social-media-improve-your-signal-to-noise-ratio.

Reference no: EM131345850

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