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Assignment: Lesson Plan Portofolio


Examine an existing IEP of a student who has been diagnosed with a learning disability and develop three lesson plans: one for reading, one for math, and one for written expression. Select an LD student from one of the following grade levels: preschool, elementary, or secondary education. Utilize previous research to identify the student's learning style and match the curriculum methods with the style.

The lesson plan format includes the following direct instruction format:

1. Objectives (observable and measurable)
2. Materials
3. Standards
4. Anticipatory set
5. Procedures (include instructional models)
6. Activities: guided practice/monitoring (identify student's learning style)
7. Closure
8. Independent practice
9. Student assessment

In a 500-750-word reflection, describe how the materials are adapted in school settings to accommodate students with special needs. Include in the description:

1. The impact of learning styles.

2. What strategies are used to notify the regular education teacher to ensure that modifications are implemented?

3. What steps are undertaken if the teacher does not accommodate the student's special needs or learning style?

Attachment:- Lesson_Plan_Template.rar

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