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1. With what strategic issues should Uber management be most concerned in 2016? What are the 4-5 issues that offer the greatest opportunities or that present the greatest threats to its well-being?

2. Consumers have many factors to consider when making the decision to purchase a product or service. What factors do companies need to be aware of, and how should they try to overcome the factors, ultimately resulting in the sale of an item or service.

Please include an example of a time where you were considering a major purchase. What factors played a role in your decision?

Reference no: EM132279884

Examples of different definitions of conversion

Why is it hard to come up with a single, concise definition of conversion? Provide at least two examples of different definitions of conversion and explain why different defin

What happens to the present value of a cash-flow stream

What happens to the present value of a cash-flow stream when the discount rate increases? Place this in the context of an investment. If the required return on an investment g

Personal managerial practice in construction consulting

Using a first-person writing style, detailing what you have learned since enrolling in the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree. Specifically, I am looking fo

High-quality partners in a flexible-responsive system

Governing networks that work do not happen by chance. They must be carefully designed with high-quality partners in a flexible, responsive system. To design such a network, ad

Describe the two types of social influence

Describe the two types of social influence. Give a personal example of how you have been influenced by each type. Which technique of social influence is most effective when us

Change of organizational theory over the last century

Businesses to continue to succeed must always maintain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. The key to doing this has changed over the last century as is illustrated in

Why did the lrc decide that ras and cdas were employees

With respect to the product decision, managers must be able to accept risk and tolerate failure. Why did the LRC decide that RAs and CDAs were employees. Do you agree with the

The post office uses a multiple channel queue

The post office uses a multiple channel queue, where customers wait in a single line for the first available window. If the average service time is 1 minute and the arrival ra


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