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Nonperforming Employees

You have been promoted to the role of office manager of a healthcare administration company. Prior to your assuming this role, you learn that the previous manager was lackluster and allowed employee morale and performance to go downhill. In your first few days on the job, you notice this behavior firsthand; there are a number of unproductive and nonperforming employees.

Some employees perform their job functions slowly and inefficiently, while others perform as little work as possible. Some come in late to work, or take long breaks and lunches. There is no system of accountability, nor are there rewards in place for excellent performance. The overall culture of the department has become sour and lazy.

What steps would you take to attempt to turn office morale and employee performance around? Be sure to discuss opportunities for employee education and training, and how the promotion of lifelong learning in the workplace for both you and your employees could bring about a positive change. Cite references in APA format where appropriate. Entry should be at least 500 words.

Reference no: EM13863079

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