What steps will you take to properly prepare your witness

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Case Preparation

You are in the final days of preparation. What challenges do you face in making sure all of your witnesses are present for trial? What mechanisms do you use to ensure they are present and available for in court testimony? What steps will you take to properly prepare your witness for cross examination? Prepare a 2 page brief outlining the steps necessary to successfully prepare your witness for testifying and what pitfalls they will face while on the stand and during the process of going before the jury and judge. Cite using APA and provide the relevant rules that will apply under FRE to the preparation and actual testimony of your witnesses.

Reference no: EM13815760

A business planner and accountant

You are a business planner and accountant. Part of your expertise is in helping prospective business owners evaluate the various manufacturing and supplier options available b

Explain brief summary of the coca-cola companys efforts

Provide a brief summary of The Coca-Cola Company's efforts to protect its soft drink formula as a trade secret. Describe one (1) challenge the company has faced in preserving

Write about logical development of ideas

Write about Logical Development of Ideas (LDI), Level of Detail (LD) Leadership Presence (LP), Risk-Taking (RT), Overall Content of Presentation (OCP),Fact Finding (FF)  and A

Identify the misconception in your thesis statement

A misconception that your potential audience may be based on faulty information or a lack of understanding of the facts about the topic. You will want to clearly identify th

Illustrate the principles relating to the law of torts

Business law - BBAL201 Illustrate the principles relating to the law of torts; and Explain the principles relating to contract law - The presentation slides must be in the IR

Advise what actions that fred smith is required

Advise what actions that Fred Smith is required to undertake in providing services to Bill and Mary. Ensure you cover key definitions and activities as part of your response

How criminals can use social media to commit identity theft

Identity theft / fraud has become one of the fastest-growing crimes in the world because it has no limits, no national borders, and no boundaries. From the e-Activity, expla

Law5206 assignment 1 s2

Sophia and Ben were furious on learning of this transaction and contacted Lemon International Ltd to pick these goods from their partnership premises, arguing that Mark had no


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