What states currently have the death penalty

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A group of attorneys, judges and law professionals have collaborated to write a uniform criminal code. The code would create uniformity in criminal law across the United States, defining what constitutes a misdemeanor, what constitutes a felony, how crimes are defined, and what the punishment for particular crimes will be. The code also proposes that the death penalty be abolished, and that the maximum punishment for murder be life imprisonment.

1. What states currently have the death penalty? (What website did you use to research this answer?)

2. What states do not have the death penalty? (What website did you use to research this answer?)

3. Do some states differ in their treatment and punishment of criminals? If so, give 2 examples. (Cite your legal resources.)

4. Would you favor the adoption and implementation of such a code? What advantages would result from a uniform criminal code? What disadvantages would result? What is the likelihood that all states would favor its adoption and implementation, as opposed to the traditional practice of each state defining criminal law within its own jurisdiction?

Please make sure that you response is at least 400 words.

Reference no: EM13898556

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