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Question: Write 300-500 words that respond to the following questions with your thoughts, ideas, and comments.

Throughout this course, you have gained insight into yourself, various organizations, and potential career fields. You have acquired knowledge and skills that will set you up for success as you move forward with your career planning. But career planning and management does not stop here. Now, you have the opportunity to ensure you create your own career success. What will you do to make your career a success?

Think of your career development in three stages where each stage answers different questions:

Stage 1: Who am I? Explore your personality, interests, strengths and values.

Stage 2: Where do I want to go? Connect yourself to the world of work. What are the occupations that may fulfill who you are? What do you see yourself doing in your role? In what types of environments, companies, industries, and so forth do you want to work?
Stage 3: How do I get there? Once you know what you want, how can you market yourself into that career opportunity? Or, if you are currently in the career you want, how do you get to where you want to go next as you advance in your career/company?

Using the above three stages as a guide, answer the following questions:

What stage of career development are you currently in?
What do you want your future career to be?
What do you still need to do or learn to progress through your current stage?
What potential obstacles do you see for yourself in getting through the stage you are in?

No matter which stage you are currently in, networking is one of the most powerful ways you will find your future career success.
Select which question to answer based on your current stage:

In Stage 1-the "who am I" stage-people in your closest network (or your professional career coach) may be able to help you gain insight into your own strengths and be a sounding board as you explore your interests and values. That's networking. What specific things have you done-or might you do-to use networking in this stage?

In Stage 2-the "where do I want to go" stage-you can learn about an occupation or company through informational interviewing, which means talking to people doing the job you want to do. That's networking. What specific things have you done-or might you do-to use networking in this stage? How specifically have you-or will you-do this? How might you benefit in doing these things?

In Stage 3-the "how do I get there" stage-you can get your next job through "word of mouth" or hearing about an opportunity from a friend of a friend. That's networking. In fact, about 70-80% of people will find their next job through networking. What specific things have you done-or might you do-to use networking in this stage?

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Reference no: EM13756143

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