What sources of data were used during evaluation activities

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Question: This is the link for the program paper needs to be based on: Per Scholas Employment/Training Program for Low-Income Workers

Using the intervention/program you chose from the Smart Programs That Work website click the tab that will give you a PDF of the Evidence Summary. In the Evidence Summary you will find links to evaluation studies of the program you chose. Read one of the articles and answer the following questions related to how the program was monitored and evaluated:

a. Which of the four types of monitoring and evaluating were addressed in the evaluation report?

b. What sources of data were used during the evaluation activities?

c. What types of measures were used to collect data during the evaluation activities?

d. Identify two qualitative measures.

e. Identity two quantitative measures

Please write a one-page response to the above questions.

Reference no: EM132234586

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