What sort of policy has the united states adopted in respons

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Some economists argue that private firms will not undertake the efficient amount of basic scientific research.

a. Explain why this might be so. Classify basic research in one of the categories; private goods, natural monopolies, common resources, public goods

b. What sort of policy has the United States adopted in response to this problem?

c. It is often argued that this policy increases the technological capability of American producers relative to that of foreign firms. Is this argument consistent with your classification of basic research in part (a)?

Reference no: EM13331149

Define countries benefit if all trade barriers were dropped

which country has the greater opportunity cost of producing olive oil b)the country which would end up exporting wine and which would export olive oil after the elimination of

What is the foreign exchange rate in comparison to the us

Talk to a current economic situation happening within the foreign country referencing your Economist Article. What is the foreign exchange rate in comparison to the U.S.? What

Advising federal government about australian labour market

You are an Economist advising the Federal Government about the Australian Labour Market and issues relating to unemployment. The issues that you have been asked to report are:

Does the principle of increasing opportunity cost

Does the principle of increasing "opportunity cost" hold in this nation? Explain briefly. (Hint: What happens to the opportunity cost of bread- measured in number of ovens a

Endogenous verses exogenous growth theories

In neoclassical growth models, the sources of growth, is exogenous usually "technology". Such theoretical models hence are able to describe how an economy grows, but not w

Write the tax-adjusted user cost of capital as a function

Pk(price of one unit of capital)=1 tax rate=.15 Write the tax-adjusted user cost of capital as a function of the real interest rate(r). Also write the desired future capital

Supply chain management

A newly established Internet Cafe is seeing to expand its operations. What would happen if the predict to open 208 stores each year is wrong?

Advantage according to the classical model

Determine the comparative advantage according to the classical model. Is the classical model's prediction of comparative advantage consistent with the comparative advantage


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