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Media Response Paper: There are two objectives to this assignment: (1) to provide you with experience in both academic writing and developing an argument based on strong evidence, as well as 2) to help you think more critically about the media we consume on a daily basis, via internet, television, radio, etc. This paper is to be 5-7 pages long, double spaced, size 12 Times New Roman font, 1" margins using ASA or APA format.

For this paper you will critically investigate a social problem and how it is presented in a media source, using knowledge and insights gained in this course.

The parameters for this assignment are fairly broad: you can watch a full-length movie, an episode of a TV show or movie, read a magazine editorial/article, watch a news program, listen to a podcast, or consume another source of media (as long as you run it by me, first) and discuss how a social problemis discussed in the source. Some ideas/examples for this exercise are to:

a. Watch a full-length movie, or an episode of a television show (must be at least one hour long) that discusses a social problem (a controversial issue which claims makers describe as a problem). Likely, (especially in films) other characters will not think that same "problem" is a problem. If you need suggestions, please let me know.

b. Watch/listen to and compare and contrast two or more of the following news stations: CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, National Public Radio (NPR) to see how each describes a social problem (look for controversies and agreements).

c. Listen to a podcast or radio show (NPR) to see how it engages in claims making and describe points being made about why something is or is not a "social problem."

d. Read articles from The New Yorker, or Huffington Post, and compare it to an article from The National Review, or The Economist, or The Wall Street Journal.

Note: If you choose to use articles rather than podcasts or television/movies, you must use at least 5 articles unless they are longer than 3-4 pages on the internet (in which case, you may talk to me about your expectations).

For this exercise, keep in mind the following questions as you consume your media of choice:

• What social problem is being described? Why is it a problem? Who thinks it is a problem? Why is it described as a problem/not a problem?

• Who is being impacted by this "social problem?" Are they the same people who describe this problem to be a problem?

• If you are doing a comparative paper, what controversies do you notice in the description of a social problem?

• Does the media source provide any sort of proposed solution to the issue at hand? If so, what is it, and what sort of agenda does it fit?

• What other concepts from class are illustrated in the media source?

Worth 25 pts. (Simply calculate grade/15 to find out your percentage). You will be held accountable for this rubric and my directions play a role in decisions regarding how well these criteria are being evaluated.

A social problem is accurately represented

2 or more claims are discussed analyzed regarding a social problem

Author demonstrates solid understanding of their (media) selection

Author followed instructions

(1 hr. of time, 12 pt. font, Times New Roman, APA/ASA format)

Author used course materials/concepts in analysis

Analysis is insightful, interesting, beyond basics

Paper is well organized/grammar/spelling

At least one hour of air time (reading time for books, if you choose to use articles, you must use at least 5).


Note: To cite movies and television shows, simply acknowledge them in your paper (ex. In X Men, Xavier had a lot of similarities to Martin Luther King Jr. while Magneto had a lot of similarities to Malcom X, etc.).

TOPIC: Stop and Frisk

But if you think it's easier to write other topic, choose from below.


Affirmative Action

Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)

Ageism / Age Discrimination

Airport Security


Animal Rights

Anorexia Nervosa

Anti-Muslim Discrimination

Birth Control

Bulimia Nervosa


Campus Crime

Capital Punishment / Death Penalty

Child Abuse

Child Labor


Climate Change


Corporate Downsizing

Cyber Bullying

Date Rape

Disaster Relief

Distracted Driving

Domestic Violence

Dream Act

Drinking and Driving

Drug Abuse / Drug Addiction

Eating Disorders

Ebola Virus Disease

Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Environmental Pollution

Equal Pay

Gang Violence

Gay Rights

Genetically Modified Food

Global Warming

Gun Control


Health Care Disparities

Health Care Reform



Honor Killings

Human Trafficking

Identify Theft

Illegal Immigration

Legalization of Marijuana

Legalization of Prostitution

Mall Shootings

Mass Murder

Meth Labs (Methamphetamine Laboratories)

Mercy Killing / Assisted Suicide

Minimum Wage

Obamacare (Affordable Care Act)


Organ and Body Donation

Outsourcing Jobs


Police Brutality




Prayer in Schools

Racial Disparities in Sentencing

Racial Profiling



Right to Work

Same-Sex Marriage

Sex Trade


Sexual Harassment


Single Parenting

Smoking / Tobacco Use

Social Networking and Privacy

Spousal Abuse

Steroid Use in Sports



Sweat Shops

Teen Pregnancy



Violence in Schools

Violence in Music Videos

Violence in Video Games

Voting Rights Restrictions

Reference no: EM131431060

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