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1. What software applications can be useful for marketing analysis? Conduct research, looking at both open source and proprietary packages and list at least six from each source. Include a brief description of what the software does or is used for.

2. What should a leader be and what skills should a leader possess? Are there traits to being a leader?

3. What are a leader's responsibilities?

Reference no: EM132279729

How backward pass differs for these two project types

Some projects have a fixed due date while others have to be finished as early as possible, and the project manager only makes commitments on the completion date once she and h

Calculate the economic order quantity to the nearest integer

It costs you $500 every time you place an order for a particular product. It costs you $3 per unit to keep this product in stock. Annual sales are 3639. Calculate the Economic

Consistent with customer-focused quality philosophy

The Missing Reservation Mark, Donna, and their children, along with another family, traditionally attended Easter brunch at a large downtown hotel. This year, as in the past,

Noncompliance to full integration of sustainability

For any organization, there are five stages to go from noncompliance to full integration of sustainability into a company’s strategy and purpose. Identify a company or organiz

Should culture make a difference in how one negotiates

Should culture make a difference in how one negotiates? Why or why not? How does culture impact a negotiation or conflict? What strategies can a negotiator adopt when workin

Determining the original project schedule

Following your presentation Management have asked you to identify what impacts there may be to the project's time management, resource requirements, costs and risks and resu

Delivery service for of downtown and suburban businesses

Timely Transport provides local delivery service for a number of downtown and suburban businesses. Delivery charges are based on distance and weight involved for each delivery

Information technology is often beneficial to supply chain

Information technology is often beneficial to a supply chain, particularly when aligned with mature business processes. Describe two different ways that improving information


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