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1. What skills and traits do you have that would make you a good small business owner? What skills/traits do you need work on?

2. What is a business plan?

3. Where can you get help putting together a business plan?

4. What are 3 services the SBA can provide potential entrepreneurs? (try their website for detailed information)

5. Come up with one idea for a small business that you could start and describe. This may take some creativity.

Reference no: EM13326002

Relationship between belief-knowledge-mythology-religion

What is the relationship between belief, knowledge, mythology, and religion? Where do mythology and religion intersect? Where do they diverge? Thank about the function of my

Interpret the partial regression coefficients

a. Determine the multiple regression equation and interpret the partial regression coefficients. b. What is the estimated freshman GPA for a student who scored 1100 on the SAT

Which laboratory findings would indicate mi

According to the ECG findings, what is the differential diagnosis? At the time of admission, a blood sample is taken to determine whether PJ has suffered an MI. Which labora

Why is this an ethical dilemma

Does this situation meet the standards set by the duty to protect statue? How might whether or not Dr. Yeung's state includes researchers under such a statute influence Dr.

What are your views on romance in the workplace

What are your views on romance in the workplace? - Should organizations have strict policies against this, or should employees be allowed to date whom they wish on their own

Describing the state plans

Describe State Plans and discuss what must be demonstrated by the states, including the process, to be an approved OSHA State Plan. Please provide approximately 200-300 word

Invisibility of someone race or ethnicity play

Homer Plessy of the separate but equal case was seven-eighths White and could have "passed" for White, based on his appearance. What role does the invisibility of someone's

Leaders to be truthful with employees

How difficult do you think it is for leaders to be truthful with employees even when the information may not seem to be in their best interest?


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