What size overload heater should be used for this motor

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Assume that the motor in question 2 has a nameplate current rating of 28 amperes and a marked service factor of 1. What size overload heater should be used for this motor?

Reference no: EM131390060

Problem regarding the unity-gain bandwidth

Problem: A op-amp has unity-gain bandwidth of 105Hz. Its gain at very low frequency is 80 dB. You are using the op-amp in the inverting configuration with a signal that is a

Calculate both doping densities in silicon junction

A silicon (ni= 10^10 cm^-3) p-n junction diode has a maximum electric field of -10^6 V/cm and a depletion layer width of 1 um. The acceptor density in the p-type region is f

What must the load be to extract maximum power from circuit

Consider a circuit that is connected to a phasor of 120V/0 degrees. The circuit feeds a 10 ohm resistor on the "hot" lead and then the circuit branches. One branch sees a 0.

Calculate the convolution of pairs of sequences

calculate the convolution (x1[x]*x2[k]) for the following pairs of sequences: a-) x1[k]=u[k+3]-u[k-2] and x2[k]=u[k+5]-u[k-4] b-) x1[k]=0.5^k u[k] and x2[k]=cos Pi*k u[-k]

Which resistor will burn outfirst if the current is increase

Four 1/2 W resistors are in series: 49-ohm , 64-ohm,109-ohm , and 125-ohm . To what maximum value can the current be raised before the power rating ofone of the resistors is

Compute the voltage sag at the load side

A temporary fault occurs at the location in the figure. The fault impedance is 200∠80° Ω. Compute the voltage sag at the load side. Assume the end of the feeder was unloaded

What is cost levelizing and what is its importance

What is life-cycle savings and what is the difference between life-cycle cost and life-cycle savings with regard to the manner in which the economic analysis is performed?

Sketch energy band diagram for a schottky barrier junction

For the conditions below, sketch the energy band diagram for a Schottky barrier junction (semiconductoris n-type). Include the Fermi and vacuum level,Fm, Fs, and label all f


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