What similarity do you see in terms of media methods

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Regional Characteristics Reflected in Art

select two works of art, each from different regions within the same time period and movement (other than the Baroque movement).


a. Late Medieval
b. Renaissance
c. Baroque
d. Neoclassicism
e. Romanticism
f. Realism
g. Impressionism
h. Modernism

Below are some examples of regions to explore within a particular movement (choose two regions):

a. Italy
b. France
c. Northern Europe
d. Spain
e. United States

Be sure to include the citation for your selected work of art

Between the two works of art, what similarities and differences do you see in terms of the media (materials), methods, and subjects? Explain how each work of art is reflective of the movement, yet unique to its region

Your initial post must be at least 200 words.

Reference no: EM131285618

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