What should your pricing policy be to maximize profits

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You are the manager of a pizza parlor that produces at a marginal cost of $6 per pizza. The parlor is a local monopoly near campus (there are no other restaurants or food stores within 50 miles). During the day, only students eat at your restaurant. In the evening, while students are studying, faculty members eat there. If students have an elasticity of demand of -4 and the faculty have an elasticity of demand of -2, what should your pricing policy be to maximize profits?

Reference no: EM13186834

Which of the following political philosophies would argue

Jill earns more than Bob and she came by her income fairly and honestly. Which of the following political philosophies would argue against the redistribution of income from

What would be the prsent worth today of the aquisition

In an effort to Compensate for shrinking land-line customers, SBC and Bell South(owners of Cingular Wireless LLC) got into a bidding war with Vodaphone to acquire AT&T Wirel

Calculate profit-consumer surplus and welfare

Allow an inverse demand curve in a monopoly to have the following form: P[Q]=50-3*Q, allow the MR curve to be: MR[Q]=50-6*Q and say the firm has TC[Q]=10*Q2, and MC[Q]=20*Q.

The stated assumptions for your answer to be valid

a.  Suppose school funding is controlled by annual referenda over funding increase and decrease. What would you expect the school funding level to be? b. What would you need t

What would be the equivalent net savings per machine hour

you have purchased an equipment costing $20,000. the equipment will be used for two years, and at the end of two years, its salvavage value is expected to be 10,000. the equ

Determine what is the marginal cost for unique

Unique Creation holds a monopoly position in the production and sale of magnometers. The cost function facing Unique is estimated to be TC= $100,000 + 20Q a. what is the mar

What is the mrp and mrc

A delivery company is considering adding another vehicle to its delivery fleet, all the vehicles of which are rented for $100 per day. Assume that the additional vehicle wou

Calculate measurement error using mse and mad

Calculate a 5-year weighted moving average to forecast the number of mergers for 2012. Use weights of 0.10, 0.15, 0.20, 0.25, and 0.30, with the most recent year weighted be


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