What should the retail price be for each blouse

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The sportswear buyer purchased 22 blouses at $15.00 each , 15 blouses at $12.50 each, and 27 blouses at $ 126.00 per dozen. The average markup must be 50% what should the retail price be for each blouse if all blouses are to be sold at the same price.

Reference no: EM131267781

What is the amount paid-what is the purchase discount

HW Incorporated purchased merchandise for USD 22,000 on account; terms are 2/10, n/30. If USD 2,000 of the merchandise was returned and the remaining amount due was paid withi

Calculate the four-firm concentration ratio

Calculate the four-firm concentration ratio (C4). Based on the FTC and DOJ Horizontal Merger Guidelines described in the text, do you think the Department of Justice would at

Compute firm predetermined factory overhead rate for year

Mooresville Corporation manufactures reproductions of eighteenth-century, classical-style furniture. It uses a job costing system that applies factory overhead on the basis of

Formulate and test a hypothesis using the data

Formulate and test a hypothesis using these data to determine if this claim can be disputed. Is there a statistical reason to believe that overall attendance has changed after

Cost of goods sold

Lucy Sportswear manufactures a line of specialty T-shirts using a job order costing system.If Job ICU2 resulted in 6,400 good shirts, what was the cost of goods sold per shirt

What is net present value of the project

An investment of $100,000 promises returns of $40,000 per year for each of the next three years. If taxes are ignored and the required rate of return is 14%, what is net pr

How much revenue will san report in its 2011 and 2012

Suppose the estimated costs to complete at the end of 2012 are $80 million instead of $60 million. Determine the amount of gross profit or loss to recognized in 2012 using t

What are the values for the mean square treatment

What are the values for the Mean Square Treatment (MST) and the Mean Square Error (MSE)? Compute the value of F.  Do you Reject or Fail to Reject the Null Hypothesis? State yo


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