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A rectangular page is to contain 114 square inches of printable area. The margins at the top and bottom of the page are each 1 inch, one side margin is 1 inch, and the other side margin is 2 inches. What should the dimensions of the page be so that the least amount of paper is used?

Reference no: EM13196620

How many different things does it count

How many different known sequences contain these terms? Find the specific sequence you were working with; how many different things does it count? (Can you figure out why it

Compute the riemann sum

Evaluate the Riemann sum for f(x)=3-1x/2 x is greater than or equal to 2 and less than or equal to 14 with six subintervals, taking the sample points to be left end- points.

Observe the marketing efforts

Choose an organization that does marketing. Use the guidelines below as you make your selection. Make it easy on yourself and choose an organization you're interested in, an

What was the rate of rainfall for each of the two storms

Two rainstorms occurred in one week in a certain area. The first storm lasted 25 hours and the second storm lasted 15 hours for a total 1025 mL of rain. What was the rate of

What is the weighted average

Suppose you have a class where you have four quizzes each worth 15% of the grade and two exams each worth 20%. If you make 77% on two quizzes, 100% on one, and 86% on the fo

Are the conditions for testing the hypothesis satisfied

Because the sample size is small, we must verify that reading speed is normally distributed and the sample does not contain any outliers. The normal probability plot and box

Lattice point and distance formula

Mark a point at the intersection of two rulings. The lattice point. Seven units to the right and four units up, mark another. Use a ruler to find the distance from one point

What was the dealer gain or loss on the change in rates

Crown Honda purchased one of its most popular motorcycle models for 965,000 yen. The FX rate for the yen was 142 yen per dollar at the time of purchase, but then rose to 171


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