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Question: Read the following:

Gido, J., & Clements, J. P. (2012). Successful project management. Mason, OH: South-Western Cengage Learning.

Chapter 1: Project Management Concepts

View the following:

PowerPoint presentations:

Chapter 1: Project Management Concepts

In an essay of 500-600 words, prepare a well-organized examination on the case study topic-E-Commerce for a Small Supermarket. The study should answer the following questions:

1. What are the needs that have been identified?
2. What is the project objective?
3. What are some things Matt and Grace should do before they talk with the consultant?
4. What should the consultant tell Matt and Grace?

Use the American Psychological Association (APA) style (6th edition) for writing your assignment.


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1. There are several needs that have been identified by Matt and Grace. First of all is the need to increase business for their small store. In order to do this, they want to set up a website for people to order their products. Setting up a website is their secondary need with a hope that this will increase their competitive edge with Sam’s Sub Shop. They also need to design the website by taking pictures of what their store has to offer and a picture of Matt and Grace in front of the store.

Furthermore, from Matt’s suggestion, they need to set up a delivery service to get the purchased products to the customers. They need to do all this at a very low cost as because they do not have much money to waste by taking any kind of risk. Another need which limits their budget is the need to repave the parking lot which is also essential part of their supermarket (Monat, J. P. 2012).

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