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"UMUC Haircuts Case Study"

Please post your response with substantive relevant postings, but adding value to the discussion and demonstrating your understanding of the concepts.use attachment if necessary.

List three or four questions about the customers that Myra as manager of the business would want to have answer to. Label each question as to whether it is strategic or operational/ tactical in nature.

1) How often does the customer come into the salon? (strategic).
2) What services do they prefer? operational/tactical
3) Do they prefer a specific employee? (operational/ tactical)
4) What services were previously booked/planned vs. services received (strategic).

2. Data.

Customer name, phone number, email, stylist name. This will help Myra determine how many repeat customer she has, which stylist may need additional schooling/ training, if certain customers are easily talked into services they didn't necessarily plan to get, and what products are the most popular (helps in inventory).

3. Top Benefits:

Increased profit margin,long term customer relationship.

4. What should Myra tell the customers.

Myra should explain to the customers that she is gathering info to better serve them, send them coupons/ discounts to get to know them better and to help UMUC grow as a business.

Reference no: EM13877247

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