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Read the given scenario carefully and choose the best answer to the question. Then, in a paragraph, explain why you chose that as the best answer.

Jin thought he was good at taking notes, but Professor Tuba's lecture is so fast that he can only write few key ideas down, and because he is usually late to the class, he has a hard time understanding the topic. His notes are not helpful in studying for the test even when he is in class on time, and often, his notes are just scribbles because he is falling asleep in class. Jin tried to record the lecture instead and also borrowed a classmate's notes and copied them, but he got a D on his test. He decided that he will try taking notes again, but he is unsure of what to do.

Taking into account the impact that a decision will have, what should be the recommended course of action?

a. Jin should create a study group, so he can study with others and fill in his notes.

b. Jin should consider a different note taking method and attend a study skills workshop on campus.

c. Jin should borrow notes from a different friend.

d. Jin should meet with Professor Tuba and share his concern with the speed of lecture and following along with the class.

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