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During the past few weeks, you have considered the various elements of the research project. Compile all of the sections of your research strategy ideas from Week 3. Retrieve your survey results this week to complete your final project in Week 5.

The following sections (500 words total) should be added to your research project analysis:
. Your ethical considerations
. Your sample population
. Your data analysis summary
. Your measurement strategy

Based on comments from your instructor and peers in Week 3 and 4, edit and refine any sections of the final research plan. Add a section of 300-500 words about how you interpreted the data from your survey or questionnaire in Week 3. Add this section at the end of your research project.

Complete the final full Key Assignment of your final research proposal. The required sections include the following:
. The business and organizational problem or topic
. The problem statement
. The research strategy that you used to explore the problem
. 1 research question or hypothesis
. Your rationale for selecting your proposed research strategy
. 1 research instrument that you will use to collect data
. A copy of the questionnaire or survey
. A section on ethical considerations for your project
. Your sample population
. Your data analysis summary
. Your measurement strategy
. The research results

Organizational problem

The scope of the present report is based on business research for management perspective, where the prime area of concern is to convince the stakeholders for a raising funds issue. The case scenario is linked with a development of Community Park, for which all the earlier sanctioned revenue is over according to the budget. The manager is seeking construction and recreation that include a jogging path, children play, decorative grass, and sitting benches, which the commonwealth can use for leisure time and physical activity for health.

The irony is that the activities of Parks and Recreation department have invested maximum for the development procedure and hence is unwilling to invest addition on further development. On the other hand, there can be other fundraising tactics such as charity, function at Park, and policy priority related matters that can be used for the same purpose. Problem statement

The research work is thus aimed at the following objective:

To address fundraising issue for the benefits of community members that can further be useful for the development and recreation of the park.

The issue is important since, the concerned stakeholders are overburdened with the financial matters and hence, alternative source is believed to be beneficial in present consideration.

Research strategy

The research strategy can be framed into two parts; one is the online search of the literature for identifying reasonable steps, which is requisite for the execution of the step (Hair Jr. 2015). To the next, based on the secondary research (as explained), will be helpful in finding crucial points as a part to be explored with a collection of information. This infers the utilization of online survey (using questionnaire set) for the collection of information, which constitutes the second part of the research work (Hair Jr. 2015).

The online survey is considered as one of the most effective tools that prove to be cost efficient and convenient for the collection of information of requisite interest. More importantly, there is no constraint of time (appointment) that usually happens in fixing interview session with the participants. Likewise, there will be no constraint related to location, traveling, and face-to-face meeting for the scope of information collection. Considering all these factors, the adopted strategy is believed to helpful as well as cost effective for the whole process of business research (Chidlow, Ghauri, Yeniyurt & Cavusgil, 2015).

Research question or hypothesis

The research question focuses on the aspect to identify a stepwise procedure that can be useful in the strategic design of the process.
Fundraising issue must be justified with crucial information that can be used to justify the rationale behind the purpose as well as can be useful for the advocacy of the prospect. The business research for the identification of the stepwise procedure is also valuable to avoid any situational conflict between the recreation departments the management council liked the development program.

Rationale for research strategy

As explained above, the research strategy is initially based on a collection of related information from peer reviewed literature. The said strategy is known as secondary research, where the information content will be framed from similar studies, strategies, and methodology for fundraising issue in conjunction with government or public sector organization. Likewise, the legislative norms and regulatory framework will also be analyzed with the same method (Chidlow, Ghauri, Yeniyurt & Cavusgil, 2015).

Next to this, will be framing of questionnaire based on the collected information. The question set will be of multiple choices or yes/no answer format. The approach will be effective as it can provide quantitative results that can suitably analyze using simple mathematical or statistical functions. Note that the prepared questionnaire set will be made to reach to the participants using internet tool (email and social networking sites). Other than this, the research strategy will also comply with ethical consideration and bias free approach. Briefly, the research data will be stored on the institutional server that can be made available for any future usage (Chidlow, Ghauri, Yeniyurt & Cavusgil, 2015). Likewise, the analysis scope will include the consideration of all the information collected, and no part will be excluded from analysis unless, it contradicts the hypothesis. Lastly, the information related to participants will be made available publically, unless it is importantly required. All these consideration is thus believed to make the present business research free from any biases or unethical practices.

Research instrument

Online tools will be prepared for framing the questionnaire set using free sites like Survey Monkey (https://www.surveymonkey.com/). Care will be taken for framing yes/no and multiple choice questions, which can be smooth from the user end. The link to the questionnaire will be provided using email, Facebook and Linked In (social networking sites) services to the participants (Baltar & Brunet, 2012). Finally, the automated server will store the collected information from the participants, which will be used for the analysis scope. Thus, the research tool that will be useful for the present business research scope is Internet tool for online survey (Chidlow, Ghauri, Yeniyurt & Cavusgil, 2015).

Research questions:
1. For the fundraising issue, which are the suitable sources, from where the revenue can be collected?
A. Government (department and offices)
B. Commonwealth (people with higher income scale)
C. Shops and entrepreneur owners
D. Voluntary donation by any people

2. Rank the job sharing that could manage an effective management solution to the fundraising issue.
A. Research from peer-reviewed sources
B. Communication with commonwealth
C. Motivation to the community member for support
D. Arrangement of resources for the event

3. What should be the approach of communication with policy makers and local governance
A. Fixing appointment with e-mail
B. Telephonic communication
C. Sending written letter, with detail of the matter
D. Using Fax for sending the detail of the matter
4. Should there be a record of the raised funds, expenditure, and usage rationale
A. Yes
B. No

5. The implementation issue such as construction scope, fund utilization, and government planning be transparent to the commonwealth.
A. Yes
B. No

Baltar, F., & Brunet, I. (2012). Social research 2.0: virtual snowball sampling method using Facebook. internet Research, 22(1), 57-74.
Hair Jr, J. F., Wolfinbarger, M., Money, A. H., Samouel, P., & Page, M. J. (2015). Essentials of business research methods. Routledge.
Chidlow, A., Ghauri, P. N., Yeniyurt, S., & Cavusgil, S. T. (2015). Establishing rigor in mail-survey procedures in international business research. Journal of world business, 50(1), 26-35.

Before giving any class, or informational briefing you will want to know these steps:
a. Audience.
b. Official position.
c. Knowledge of subject. Personal preferences.
d. Purpose and type.
e. Subject.
f. Physical facilities.
g. Location.
h. Arrangements.
i. Visual aids.
a. Complete analysis.
b. Prepare outline.
c. Determine requirements.
d. Schedule rehearsals.
e. Arrange for final review.
a. Collect material.
b. Prepare first draft.
c. Revise and edit.
d. Plan use of visual aids.
e. Practice.
f. Rehearse.
g. Isolate key points.
h. Memorize outline.
i. Develop transitions.
j. Use definitive words.
a. Posture.
b. Composure and bearing.
c. Eye contact.
d. Gestures and mannerisms.
e. Voice.
f. Pitch and volume.
g. Rate and variety.
h. Enunciation.
i. Attitude.
j. Businesslike.
k. Confident.
l. Helpful.
a. Ensure understanding.
b. Record decisions.
c. Inform proper authorities


The purpose of the information briefing is to inform the listener. This briefing deals primarily with facts, not conclusions or recommendations. Use it to present high priority information requiring immediate attention; complex information involving complicated plans, systems, statistics, or charts; and controversial information requiring elaboration and explanation. Situation briefings that cover the tactical situation over a period of time usually fall into this category. The following format works well for an information briefing.

a. Greeting. Use common courtesy, address the person(s) receiving the briefing, and identify yourself.
b. Purpose. Explain the purpose and scope.
c. Procedure. Indicate procedure if briefing involves demonstration, display, or tour.
a. Arrange main ideas in logical sequence.
b. Use visual aids correctly.
c. Plan effective transitions.
d. Prepare to answer questions at any time.
a. Ask for questions.
b. Give closing statement.
c. Announce the next briefer, if applicable.

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