What series of nucleotide pairs in a drosophila gene

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Q1. Explaining why the procedure of mitosis and meiosis are both important to a living organism. When would an organism require undergoing the process of mitosis and meiosis? What would occur if meiosis did not occur?

Q2. Write down an essay discussing common household items (chemicals) that you would expect to find inside a cell.

Q3. What series of nucleotide pairs in a Drosophila gene will encode the amino acid sequence met-trp-phe-trp-met (reading from the amino terminus to the carboxyl terminus)?

Reference no: EM137276

Trans individual crossed with cis individual

Suppose i f an individual with genotype pQ/Pq heterozygous for both loci in trans arrangement of alleles is crossed with an individual of genotype PQ/pq.

What is the mechanism that generates this diversity

Question:  The genomes of (+) RNA viruses can be translated immediately upon cellular entry, even though they do not possess a 5' 7-methylguanosine cap due to the presence of

How the reproductive variability of aphids be an adaption

Aphids can reproduce sexually and asexually. Females reproduce by themselves and give birth to live females in summer. They also reproduce sexually and lay eggs that survive

Recently isolated a number of mutant fruit flies

A Drosophila researcher has recently isolated a number of mutant fruit flies. The phenotype of each mutant is described below (i–iv). For each mutant, describe the type of g

Describe at least three cellular features of bacteria

Most antibacterial drugs disrupt or destroy bacterial cellular characteristics that are different from those of eukaryotic cells or that may not even be present in eukaryoti

What is your estimate of the number of meadow mice in field

You trap meadow mice in a hay field, and place ear tags on 45 individuals. A week later, you trap meadow mice in the same field, capturing 74 animals. Of these, 13 had ear

Transpiration-cohesion and adhesion

How do transpiration, cohesion and adhesion all work together to provide the forces necessary to overcome gravity to transport water from the roots to the leaves without exp

Determine double stranded molecules of product

If you started a PCR protocol with 10 double stranded molecular of DNA, Determine how many double stranded molecules of product would you have after 5 cycles of PCR?


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