What sciences contributed to anthropology

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Part one is psychology and sociology questions and the paer two along with a 1200 word reserach essay with topics.

Part 1-

Explain why Franz Boas did not accept Morgan's view about evolution?

What sciences contributed to anthropology?

How have teens used fashion and music to communicate their identity?

What styles and attitudes today might seem rebellious to parents?

What contributions did Pavlov, skinner and Chomsky bring to the comprehension of how language is attained?

How does language indicate a society's values and priorities?

How has language evolved in some North American communities?

Why is language seen as a significant part of a people's culture?

Do advertisers give a false impression of their products? It this legitimate communication? Why or why not

How can environmental factors, such as living in a large city or a small rural town, influence individual and cultural evolution?

Compare the approaches taken by anthropologist and psychologists in the study of human development?

What are the various components of all rites of passage?

How have coming of age rite of passage changed along with modern society

Some rites are experienced alone and some are experienced in groups. Explain, with example, why this is the case

How is the body adornment connected to rites of passages?

How do films and television programs portray sexual relationship between teens and adults?

What rites of passage surrounding death have you experienced? How did you feel about them?

How do social scientists help people face the haunting prospect of death and the sadness of the loss of a loved one?

Part 2-

Course Culminating Activity

Individually, or with a partner you will completes the following two criteria for your Culminating Activity. If you choose to work with partner, select wisely.

Part A - Research Essay

You will be assigned approximately 4 library periods to conduct research on your selected topic. Once you have selected your topic, you must narrow the locus of your research. You will complete an essay on your assigned topic that includes the following areas.

• An Introduction to the report and your topic
• The History of Me topic
• An Analysis of the topic from one social scientist perspective paying close attention to historical and current trends
• A Conclusion
• A works Cited page

The report should be between 1000 and 1200 words Essays should be typed, double-spaced using 12 pt Times New Roman font.
You must acknowledge the information/Ideas you include in your report using MLA. Reports that do not include proper citing or fail to include a works cited page.

Your research should include books, journal articles, the Internet, magazines, newspaper articles. You may use a maximum of two sources from the Internet. You must use at minimum of four different sources.

Part B - Presentation

You will present the topic that you research to the class on your scheduled date. You must present, but are not limited to, the history of your topic and an analysis from one social scientist perspective. You are encouraged to go above and beyond the scope of your essay Impress me You may present your topic in oral and visual formats (e.g. overheads, PowerPoint. a pamphlet, handout, skit, interactive games, etc.).

Culminating Activity topics

No two groups may choose the same topic. If you wish to research a topic not listed, you must have the topic approved by your teacher -

- Functionalism School of sociology           -Learning
- The Conflict Theory of Sociology             -Enculturation
- Symbolic Interactionism                         -Bureaucracies
- Feminist School of Sociology                  -Ageism
- Inclusionist School of Sociology              -Deviant Behaviour
 - Kinship                                                -Assimilation
- Social Groups                                       -Sexism
- Structuralism                                       - Home Schooling
- Cultural Materialism                               - Corporal Punishment
- Cognitive Psychology                             -Poverty
- Psychoanalytic Theory                           - Health Care
- Behaviorism                                         - Violent Crime
- The Socialization Process                       - Euthanasia
- Communication                                     - Arranged Marriages

Reference no: EM13960421

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