What scene conveys this emotional sense in the hours
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Viewing Sheet for The Hours(2002)

Dir. Stephen Daldry

What scenes in the film that parallel or capture the essence of the following scenes? Label/describe the scene and explain the connection. THEN using Giannetti's film analysis vocabulary, explain how Daldry conveys the emotional meaning of Mrs. Dalloway (if not the exact plot) to the audience. In what way do these scenes parallel Mrs. Dalloway? Post this sheet before

1. Suicide theme and Death within Life: how does Daldry's film depict or visual the thoughts of suicide that Woolf's novel describes verbally? Does Daldry's theme seem different than Woolf's exploration of life/death? How so?

2. Septimus as a character: mental illness, constraint or tension with his wife: How does Daldry (or Cunningham) translate Septimus as a character into this adaptation? What parts of his character remain, and in what scene in particular?

3. What parallels Mrs. Dalloway's relationship with Sally Seton in Mrs. Dalloway? Why is this relationship important to the original Mrs. D? To this character?

4. What scenes show parallels to the characters Peter/Septimus in Woolf's novel (interpretation/thoughts? Actions? Physical characteristics?)

5. Woolf's novel depends on the chiming of the clock to evoke a sense of time passing, even as Clarissa herself moves back and forth through past memories to present day movements. What scene conveys this emotional sense in The Hours?

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