What safety factor will be necessary to allow an extraction

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A lead-zinc mine is to be developed by a room-and-pillar layout.  The mine is located at a depth of 500ft, the overlying rock has an average specific gravity of 2.56, and the pillar rock wast tested and found to have a uniaxial compressive strength of 15,000 psi.  What safety factor will be necessary to allow an extraction ratio of 75%?

Reference no: EM13531079

Plot the two test results on a shear stress-normal stress

At a confining pressure of 2000 psi, the first sample failed at 9000 psi. Then at a confining pressure of 5000 psi, the other sample failed at 21,000 psi. Plot the two test

Find excess solids production of extended aeration process

Estimate teh excess solids production of an extended aeration process treating unsettled wastewater with a BOD of 200 mg/l and suspended solids concentration of 240 mg/l, as

Derive the method-of-moments estimators for the parameters

Suppose an expert hypothesizes that the probability of a rainfall event causing a particular stormwater retention pond to overtop can be modeled with a beta (a, B ) distribu

Determine the corresponding constant rate of acceleration at

If the maximum total acceleration of the train must not exceed 1.5 m/s^2, determine the shortest distance in which the train can reach a speed of 72 km/h, and determine the

Calculate the monthly mass emission rate to the atmosphere

each month the splendid dry cleaning company buys one barrel ( 42 gal., 0.160 m^3) of tetrachloroethylene (C2Cl4) (M.W.= 166, p= 1.594 g/cm^3) ninety percent of the fluid is

Is this stress tension or compression

If the rod is snugly fitted against two immovablenonconducting walls at a temperature of 15oC and thenheated uniformly to at 115oC, what is its length at115oC? If the modulus

Determine the power output of the turbine per unit mass flow

Taking k = 1.33 and R = 0.287 kJ/kg · K for the products of combustion, and assuming the expansion process to be isentropic, determine the power output of the turbine per un

Determine what is the magnitude and direction of the force

what is the magnitude and direction of the force of the water n the nozzle, if the nozzle is held steady/2- what is the FORCE if the fire fighter is running towards the fire,


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