What role does the widow um nuwayyir play for the girls

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the assignment about the novel or book which ( Girls of Riyadh ) you will see the instructions

(Girls of Riyadh book)
In addition to the class preparation and to finish up this session, you must answer the questionnaire and submit it this week (10 questions about Girls of Riyadh. (Search the book from google or any information from the websites).

Please note:
• Search and read the book carefully and give every question a complete answer (in your own words). Explain your opinion by providing clear statements and examples that clearly support your position.

• Support your answers with at least three specific quotations from the novel. Choose Quotes that demonstrate your points.

• Minimum answer for every question is 200 words.

• Late work will not be accepted.

• Be sure you review the rules on academic dishonesty in the ASU Student Handbook! All final exams/essays will be screened for plagiarism.

1. Gamrah's mother believes that "woman is to man as butter is to sun." Do all the men in this novel have a corrupting influence on the women who love them?

2. In what ways are Michelle, Gamrah, Lamees and Sadeem restricted by tradition and how do they work around it?

3. This story of young women looking for love has been compared to books like Bridget Jones's Diary and Sex and the City. In what ways does Girls of Riyadh's geographic and social context set it apart from its Western counterparts?

4. When she discovers her husband's secrets, Gamrah desperately attempts to hold her marriage together. Do you think she is a victim of circumstance or is she guilty of dishonesty in her own right?

5. What role does the widow Um Nuwayyir play for the girls? Is she a positive or negative model for them?

6. What are Michelle, Sadeem, Gamrah and Lamees's individual relationships to religion and religious law? How do they differ?

7. After a couple of romantic disappointments, Michelle realizes she can never replace her true love with another man. Do you agree with this conclusion and do you view her ending as a happy one?

8. Does this novel have a moral point of view and if so, what is it?

9. During the scene where Lamees graduates from medical school, the narrator describes her joy of "having it all": love, a career, a new baby on the way. How did Lamees manage to pull off this feat --- was it skill or simply luck?

10. The narrator says early on that every one of her friends "lives huddled in the shadow of a man, or a wall, or a man who is a wall." Is this true for all of the characters, and is it true even at the end of the story?

Reference no: EM131288904

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