What role does religion play in the lives of slaves
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Frederick Douglass Essay Prompts

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Slave narratives provocatively asserted- in defiance of white racism- that black men, women, and children were human and that slavery inhumanely repressed their basic human rights. How does Douglass convey his humanity, and that of his fellow slaves, to his reading audience?

Conventional novels and autobiographies in the 19th century tracked the moral progress or coming-of-age experiences of the major character from youth to maturity. How does Douglass use and/or undermine this model?

What role does religion play in the lives of slaves and slaveholders? To what purpose is Scripture used to both discipline and offer emancipatory hope to the enslaved?


  • 1000 words
  • 10 or 12 point font
  • Standard written English
  • One inch margins
  • Double space
  • Chicago Style footnotes

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    Total 1000 words, 10 or 12 point font, Standard written English, One inch margins, Double space and Chicago Style footnotes. Attached here is the requirement of the essay. The narrative that you need to read to write the essay. Please make sure you use correct grammar because last essay you wrote for me had lots of grammar mistake and also citation errors. Please follow citation as per Chicago style format.

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    Your paper must have a main idea/thesis/argument. It cannot be a summary of the reading. Your paper must be carefully edited. Grammar, punctuation, and spelling count. No paper will receive and A if it has more than 5 basic writing errors. This is not a research paper; you do not need to consult anything in print or online except A Narrative by Frederick Douglass. A paper that is a summary or patchwork of paraphrased secondary sources found online but that demonstrates no reading or thinking about Douglass will not receive a passing grade. Grading: Meet the format requirements, Have a strong main idea, Write clearly and edit your work. “A” papers do these three tasks strongly, “B” papers may be weak in one area, “C” papers may be weak in two areas, “D” papers may be week in all three areas.

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