What role does material play in the development of society

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Discussion: Political Representation

Rousseau considers representation and voting in Book III, Chapter XV and Book IV, Chapter II.  Discuss your understanding of political representation in light of Rousseau's explanation of it.

  • Should representatives always carry out the wishes of their voters? When (if ever) might it be good representation to decide an issue contrary to what the voters think?
  • People often complain about "gridlock" or "stalemate" in congress. What are the arguments for disagreement/debate in politics? Does Rousseau see any benefit in such disagreement?

Discussion: Material and Money in History

Marx's theory of history is described as "materialist."  Consider the relative importance of material and money in history.

  • What role does material play in the development of society? Should it play a greater or lesser role? Why?
  • Can human development and interaction be exclusively explained in material terms, or not? Why, or why not?

Reference no: EM131315588

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