What role does innovation play in diegeos global strategy

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Here are the more specific questions to consider as you prepare your analyses of the Diageo case:

First, the case analyses should include, at the start, a brief summary of the case, no more than 2 or 3 paragraphs. Second, as you consider how Diageo has approached expanding its business in Africa you will want to address, in particular, the following questions:

1) What challenges did Diageo face in seeking to expand its share of the African market? What potential solutions did Diageo identify for addressing these challenges?

2) What role does innovation play in Diegeo's global strategy? How did Diageo approach the challenge of innovating for the African market? What internal and external tensions did it need to manage in taking this approach?

3) What were the key factors that led to the successful development and introduction of Diegeo's two new African brands, Snapp and Ruut Extra?

4) What advice would you have for Nick Blazquez, Diageo's President for Africa, Turkey, Russia and Eastern Europe, going forward?

In addition to the case itself, you may also find the assigned readings for next Tuesday's classes helpful as you develop your analysis of this case. Though the case discusses events up to 2013, if you wish, though you are not required to do so, you may also consider in your case analysis how Diageo's business in Africa and elsewhere has developed since the end of the case period.

On the subject of Internet searches, as business cases such as this are widely used in many academic settings it may well be possible to find on the Internet analyses of this case prepared by other students. I would urge you to avoid the temptation to "check your answers" against such cases. Business cases may be used in a number of different courses, often for quite different purposes, so the analysis that another student has prepared for a different course may not be that relevant to the issues of concern in this course. Moreover, another student's analysis cannot be relied upon either for accuracy or completeness. Lastly, though surely not least, relying on the work of others in such a way is both a breach of common ethical standards in academia and a violation of the Hult Honor Code. My insertion of these observations at this point is not intended personally in any way and I hope they will be taken in the spirit in which they intended, as a reminder of the values and pr inciples that we all share and uphold in our work together.

Finally, as noted in the assignment instructions, the assessment criteria for the cases analyses are as follows: good written analyses will demonstrate a clear understanding of the case and the issues it raises, and will develop clearly articulated arguments in response to the discussion questions for the case. Good case analyses will also be written in clear, grammatically correct English. As a general rule, case analysis are likely to be a minimum of 1000 words, though engaging substantively with the issues of the case is more important than the word count.

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Reference no: EM13748275

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