What role does environment play in antisocial behavior

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Article: "From Genes to Brain to Antisocial Behavior"

As you read the Raine article and write your summary consider:

• Raine says that the "key concept highlighted in this review is that specific genes result in structural [the way the brain is built/structured] and functional [the way the brain functions] brain alterations that then predispose antisocial behavior." In your own words, what does this mean?

• How much of the variance in antisocial behavior is attributable to genes according to the article? What is the name of one gene Raine mentions that is associated with antisocial behavior? What is one brain region in which males with a certain gene variant have decreased volume and what is the role of this brain region?

• What is one hypothesis about how a certain genetic predisposition can lead to antisocial behavior according to Raine?

• According to Raine, what role does environment play in antisocial behavior?

As you read the Raine article and write your application consider:

• Think back to what you learned in Chapter 4: The Biological Mind: The Physical Basis of Behavior and Chapter 8: The Adaptive Mind: Learning, How could amygdala functioning and its impact on fear conditioning impact antisocial behavior?

• How might environmental stressors associated with conditions of poverty impact antisocial behavior? (Tip: think about what the article mentions about nutrition)

• Based on what you learned from reading this article, what do you think the most effective intervention(s) would be to prevent and treat antisocial behavior?

• What implications do these findings have for public policies?

• What are some "neuroethical" implications of these findings, according to Raine? (Tip: look in the Discussion section of the article).

• What other aspects of this article remind you of topics addressed (or to be addressed) in this class?

Reference no: EM13874257

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