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Read this article from on how technology is warping your memory.

Investigate these claims. Do you agree or disagree that technology is having a detrimental effect on memory? If not, what evidence can you provide?

Regardless of whether you agree or disagree with this article, what role do you think technology will play in the individual's and societal process of memory recording in the future?

Instructions Students must submit a substantial, detailed, and well-thought-out 800-word essay for this module. The essay will require you to show a clear comprehension of the material covered in the module in addition to a clear and thorough evaluation of that material.

All essays must include an introductory paragraph with a thesis statement, (it is impossible to do well on your paper unless you take a clear position on your subject, captured in a thesis statement), followed by a main body with supporting arguments, a summary conclusion, and an APA formatted reference page at the end.

All essays must use Times New Roman 12 pt or Verdana 10pt font, be double-spaced, have 1" margins, and include a total word count (not including the reference page).

You must use and reference three different sources from academic journals or books. If you use a website, please make sure it is high quality, scholarly, well cited, and well-researched prior to referencing it.

Wikipedia or similar references will not be accepted. Students must use APA style to cite within the body of the essay as well as on the references page at the end of the essay.

Review the APA style guide provided on the Purdue Owl Website.

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This paper fundamentally investigates how modern technology has affected humanity. It also studies how the capacity of the human brain to perform various tasks have changed with the advent of technology. The impact of video games on the brain and how they bring about changes in the behavior of a particular person has also been discussed. The paper looks into the importance of the Internet in our daily lives and tells us about the various pros and cons of it.

Reference no: EM131550518

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