What role do forensic psychologists play

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Be sure to cite your resources and provide the references using APA format.  Remember to reference all work cited or quoted by the text authors.

1. What is mono-cultural psychology and what challenges does it present to forensic psychologists?   What are the two venues in which victims of crime may seek recourse?

2. List some of the common psychological effects of crime on its victims.  What role do forensic psychologists play in dealing with the co-victims of criminal homicide?

3. What role do forensic psychologists play in dealing with adult victims?  With child sexual abuse victims?

4. List and describe briefly the four major types of child maltreatment.  What are the key psychological features of Munchausen's syndrome?

5. What conclusions were reached by the APA Working Group on Investigation of Memories of Childhood Abuse?  What is the role of the forensic psychologist in child abuse cases?

Reference no: EM131397654

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